Titus Kinimaka

Titus Kinimaka Kinimaka

Date Of Birth: 1/24/1955
Hometown: Kauai, Hawaii, USA
Legend. That’s what Titus Kinimaka is. He was raised in a big family on Kauai, growing up in a house that was regularly visited by the one and only Duke Kahanamoku. Titus’ passion for the water turned into a prowess for surfing and he became one of the best big-wave surfers of all time. He took part in some of the most notorious surf session of all time and was invited to the Eddie Aikau from 1986-2009. At one point in his career, he suffered a near-fatal wipeout and had to get airlifted out of Waimea Bay. And of course, he came back for more as soon as he healed. That’s just the kind of guy Titus is.