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Viomi SE: An Affordable Wet Cleaning Robot

Viomi SE: An Affordable Wet Cleaning Robot

Viomi SE: An Affordable Wet Cleaning Robot

Viomi SE is a robot vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function. It can work in the Xiaomi smart device ecosystem and offers high suction power up to 2200Pa.


Viomi SE: Affordable Wet-Crop Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Viomi SE robotic home assistant is another marvel of engineering produced by the Xiaomi sub-brand, which is part of the Chinese manufacturer’s smart device ecosystem and can be integrated into a smart home controlled through the Mi Home mobile app.

Viomi SE offers high suction power (2200 Pa) and is based on a carbon-free motor. The battery is a 3200 mAh lithium battery, which provides the vacuum cleaner with enough autonomy to clean 200 square meters of territory or work for 120 minutes.

Lidar is responsible for accurate mapping of the apartment, and in addition to it, 12 more sensors are provided on board the Viomi SE, including dust collector sensors, collision avoidance sensors, a 6-axis gyroscope and more. We tested the vacuum cleaner for a whole week and are ready to share our impressions about the operation of the device and the quality of cleaning.

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What’s in the package?

The package includes two cleaning cloths, two mops for cleaning floors with different liquid absorption, a charging station with a power adapter, two rotating bristles, and a combination container (one for collecting dust in dry cleaning mode, the other for filling with water) before wet cleaning). The water tank of the Viomi SE holds 200 ml and another 300 ml is provided for collecting dust and small household debris.

Workmanship and comfort

From a design point of view, Viomi SE turned out to be a really good solution. The device is made in a white case made of durable plastic with a brand logo stylized as rose gold. The bumper is provided in front, which gently springs when the vacuum cleaner collides with obstacles. The back is equipped with charging connectors that automatically connect to the docking station when the robot is parked on the base.


At the top of the vacuum cleaner is a laser rangefinder that scans the surrounding area in order to build indoor maps, as well as a button to turn it on, off and return to the charging station. Opening the top cover reveals a HEPA filter dust box.

Bottom there are large wheels with a deep tread pattern and soft cushioning, which allow Viomi SE to overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high. Between them is a rotating roller with arcuate bristles, and a hinge for attaching a three-bladed brush from the kit is placed on the side.

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